Radio Systems


A radio "system" is the infrastructure that facilitates or improves communication between radios. We design and implement systems based upon your needs. Systems can incorporate many operational solutions such as:


Range Solutions

Base stations and/or repeaters can be used to increase the range of communication between radios.

The base station will have an antenna which will be placed strategically according to the results of a radio survey.

With the antenna placed at height the system has ability to communicate over a much wider area than when radios are used in a "back to back" mode.

Scalability & Capacity

Your radio system should be able to grow in line with your business.

TES have experience of systems ranging from a single site to national coverage solutions.

Certain technologies will permit limited expandability, others can extend to hundreds of sites and thousands of users. Read about technology here.

TES makes sure your system has a view to the future.

Functionality Solutions

With certain base stations, the system will be configurable to enable enhanced functionality.

Ask us about:

  • telephone interconnect
  • call priority
  • event logging
  • lone worker solutions
  • internal & external GPS
  • job ticketing & dispatch
  • text messaging integrated
  • telemetry
  • bespoke system integration

Channel Efficiency

Larger systems and those subscribing to higher tier technologies will benefit from greater channel efficiency and channel management.

Where large numbers of users and groups are on the system, you may want to specify the priority of each.

Systems at this level can also accommodate call back requests, call recording & monitoring, group calls and broadcast voice & text messages.

Enhanced Coverage

Distributed antenna systems (DAS) ensure that your system achieves the level of coverage required by your operations.

Some building materials and other external factors can prevent normal levels of radio propagation.

TES have experience of techniques to achieve coverage through underground tunnels, in metro systems and prison environments.


A low cost, wide area solution for data transmission.

Principally for communication and control to areas where copper or fibre connections would not be viable.

It is possible to connect to both analogue and digital devices. TES are sole sales & support agents for Techinova AB, see


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