Radio Hardware


TES offers you the widest, most comprehensive choice of radio products and solutions which best fits your application and needs.


Handheld &Mobile Radio

We can supply any current make and model of radio.

We supply radios that are UK sourced and come with the peace of mind of a full UK warranty.

All supplied hardware is tested in our workshops before dispatch. Should any radios fail within your warranty period we will administer any returns and replacements for you.

Areas of Expertise

TES deploy two way back-back radio, single site and national communication systems.

We have unrivaled knowledge and global experience in providing systems for clients such as police, prisons, tram metro operators, banks and major manufacturing companies.

We specialise in ATEX radios, approved for use in hazardous or explosive environments.

Key Partners

We are proud to work with radio partners across the industry:

Special Features

We help you match the right radio to your needs.

The functionality of a particular radio will greatly impact on the price.

For example: man down, lone worker, ATEX approved, & waterproof features.

Our experts can identify those radios that offer the best value whilst delivering operational benefits.

You may not be seeking a certain function just now but would like your hardware to be upgradable later.

Upgrade & Expand

Future proof your investment.

We consider solutions with a view to the future. Scalability & technology road maps give our customers comfort about return on investment.

Even for existing systems, we often suggest phased upgrades & replacements.

We can also offer innovative revenue expenditure based roll outs.


Certain environments call for discretion.

Some clients like a radio to be a visual tool. Others seek for the radio to be covert. We advise all types of clients from banks to security companies on how best to achieve an appropriate look.


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