24/7 Maintenance


TES has maintenance facilities which are second to none with fully equipped workshops manned by qualified engineers who are responsible for servicing thousands of radios located throughout the United Kingdom.


Peace of Mind

After delivery, we don’t just leave it at that.

Subscribing to TES maintenance means that you know your system will function as prescribed for years to come and that you can really rely on its operational benefits.

TES are able to offer an interactive training and ongoing support service which ensures that you know how to make the most out of your communications system.

Total Service Solution

One size doesn't fit all.

From daily remote status checks, to administering advance replacement parts and making regular site visits,TES can tailor a Total Service Solution for you.

Whether you operate from a single site or have locations across the country we can ensure your system performs.

To do this we undertake regular preventative maintenance, monitor the system performance and have agreed response times for on-site attendance.

Service Levels

You choose the support you want.

Clients operating in more Safety Critical environments tend to choose an "advance hardware replacement" option with a 4 hour response and on-site follow up.

Less critical system owners may choose a 24h response time as this is a more economical option.

Some international clients choose to simply have e-mail and remote support.

Speak to our client relationship team here.

Remote Monitoring & Calibrations

TES can remotely connect on a daily basis to monitor performance.

Some of our larger clients also opt for an annual calibration to be incorporated into the maintenance contract.

A calibration makes sure that your system is operating within legal and manufacturers parameters.

Spares & License Management

Let TES manage the paperwork element of running your system.

Asset tracking, OFCOM License management, and site agreement admin can be a time consuming process.

TES have systems specifically designed to keep track of clients systems and can easily administer asset movements and OFCOM application & renewals.

Radio Clinics

A Radio Clinic is an easy way to keep things running smoothly.

TES will attend site on a regular basis, when users can report problems and have them addressed immediately.


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