Radio System Design


Having taken time to understand your needs, our engineers then formulate a bespoke technical solution. TES use sophisticated software, technical knowledge and, above all, experience.


Pre Sale Consultation

The key to delivering operational benefits lies in understanding our clients.

We want to learn about your business. We can talk, visit and perform site surveys.

Once we understand your needs and the obstacles you face we can set to work.

You will receive a full survey report with our findings and recommendations.

System Integration

No man is an island. Nor is a modern radio system.

Systems integration has traditionally been a TES strength. Whether you want your system to interface into a telephone/pa system, a man down alert, a control computer, etc.

TES will be able to determine the best way forward. TES are also experts in using radio for pure data transmission or a combination of voice and data.

Wide Area Networks

Want to connect your Lands End & John O'Groats sites? We can help.

Connect any number of sites together for seamless communication. Whether it be via IP connection, leased lines or independent microwave links

TES have the ability to bring your team closer together, however far apart they are.

SystemDesign & Coverage Planning

Some say RF propagation modelling is as much an art as a science.

With an eye on both functionality and cost we can prescribe the best solution for you.

We consider your aims, your environment, available technology, & integration.

We model your RF environment. For this we use sophisticated software, survey results, & many years of RF experience.

No single RF environment is the same as another. 

System Optimisation

It's hard to stop a tree growing.

As your system environment changes over time the RF performance can be impaired.

Similarly, tuned frequencies can drift and configuration settings be moved over time.

TES are experts at assessing existing systems and returning them to optimal performance.

We have experience of all generations of radio technology from all main manufacturers.

Functional Design

Our Functional Design Specifications are written in plain English.

We always provide an FDS on design assignments. It explains our solution & ensures you get the benefits you need.


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