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TES have always invested in technical expertise. We are known as an independent systems house and have been at the forefront of wireless technology deployments for over 20 years.


Expert Advice

We are general Radio Communication experts. How can we help you?

Whether it is assessing a new radio technology, analysing your system performance, assessing proposals, or any other request you may have, feel free to contact us here.

We can prepare reports on all elements of radio systems & current or legacy technology.

System Appraisal

Significant performance improvement.

As your system environment changes over time the performance can be impaired.

Similarly, tuned frequencies can drift and configuration settings be moved over time.

TES are experts at returning systems to optimal performance.

We have experience of all generations of radio technology from all main manufacturers.

Training Courses

We offer interactive courses to make sure you get the best out of your system.

We do onsite training, but also have extensive facilities at Lancaster House to train up to 25 people at a time.

Our training rooms are equipped with all types of radio hardware to give hands on experience.

Off site training permits focus, and allows attendees to learn without affecting live systems.

Tender Writing & Evaluation

 Expert knowledge minimises risk.

Where a wireless communication system forms part of a much larger infrastructure project TES is often asked to prepare and review tenders.

In this instance we act as "internal consultants" to prepare documents that minimise overall risk to our clients.

Upgrade Road Maps

As technology advances, upgrading your system need not involve a large capital outlay.

We always design our systems with a view to the future. Scalability & technology road maps give our customers comfort about return on investment.

Even for existing systems, we often suggest phased upgrades & replacements.

We can also offer innovative revenue expenditure based roll outs.

Documentation Standards

 All documents are fully controlled and can be delivered electronically.

In line with our Integrated Management System, all our documents are peer reviewed, logged and controlled.

We can provide hard or soft copy reports and provide online storage and download access.


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