Wireless Broadband


Our wireless broadband portfolio is for when you need to transmit high data rates, over longer distances, in a cost effective way. Typically used for general back-haul, CCTV and video applications and for fibre redundancy.


Point to Point

Data transmission between two points delivering high speed data communication.

Available in both the unlicensed & licensed radio frequencies and achieving up to 10Gbps.

Connections can offer 99.99% availability. Ideal for:

  • connecting buildings together
  • leased line or fibre replacement

Point to Multipoint

The multipoint option allows data to transmitted on multiple paths.

Point to Multipoint delivers scalable connectivity to multiple business, institutional, municipal or residential locations.

Ideal for:

  • connecting multiple buildings together
  • high speed local or wide area corporate networks

MESH Networks

MESH Networks provide cost-effective citywide and enterprise-wide wireless broadband connectivity.

The key is a self forming and healing network where each node becomes a repeater. Ideal for:

  • Instant ad hoc wireless networking
  • mobile applications
  • integrated redundancy
  • harsh environments

Mobile Broadband

TES can define solutions for data transmission between vehicles and a centrally located control computer.

Our train to wayside communication solution can achieve 100% track coverage with full redundancy across the whole system.

Clustered server & innovative antenna systems achieve robust and extremely reliable linear or MESH deployments.

Network Management

Just like a wired office network, wireless networks require ongoing management.

TES always consider your network management options as it helps you assess the ongoing health of your network.

It is important to consider functionality and to plan the bandwidth consumption in line with target performance speeds at the network design stage. Speak to us here.

Optimisation & Maintenance

TES perform preventative maintenance and network optimisation for broadband networks across the UK & abroad.

We tailor our work specifically to the needs of your network. Read more here.


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